Shwood Sunglasses

27.05.2012 by admin

Looking for some unique shades this summer? Check out these wooden sunglasses. Not only can you purchase them in a variety of woods and styles but you also get a well crafted case and luxury packaging to go with them.

Shwood Sunglasses


For me, it’s mostly about the packaging, don’t get me wrong, the sunglasses themselves are really well crafted but it was the packaging that attracted me most, with the die cut logotype and the different textures. Wood is such a fantastic material, it has so many textures, smells and can be made into gorgeous objects and I think this has been elegantly reflected in the packaging here.

Shwood Case

Then we come to the case, again, it’s a well thought out piece of craftsmanship, providing a case within a case that slides out to encase the sunglasses. I love the detailing of the joints and the mix of woods that contrast against each other and finally, the logo is subtly carved into the side, not to dominate over the beauty of the wood.

Check out more about these products at or to purchase your own and view the different varieties, go to

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